Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Cleanup

It is a *chilly* 36 degrees at the cottage tonight, but the fireplace is ablazing, a movie is in, Dreamgirls, and the internet works. All is well!

Delivered the van to it's winter resting spot, cooked up some homemade chicken, gnocchi soup, a new recipe that was delicious, and expect a busy day of doing the yard work that somehow we *thought* we did a month ago. Not so much.......

Still, Life is good!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'd like to share this quilt, Flower Garden, my youngest daughter and I worked on during the summer of 2008. If you remember, this was the year nice reds were hard to come by.... We're always looking for a new creative project to fill the summer days. She came to me wanting to learn to quilt and wanting to make a twin sized quilt to take back to her dorm room. As an art major, this is what she came up with. Though I quilt regularly, she hadn't made a quilt in 10 years.... Not sure if she remembered what all went into making a quilt....... I cut most of the pieces, rotator cutters are far too *dangerous* for college kids, she did the layout and then machine pieced it. Then it was my turn to teach her to hand quilt. Let's just say she prefers to create and to use a sewing machine vs. nursing bloody fingers. Personally, I thought it would be a great hand quilting learning experience, mostly nice straight lines, lots of practice.... But she *did* want to take it to school in a month. Soooo, I hand quilted it on the diagonal about every inch and a half. The flowers were quilted in a spiral from the center outward. It turned out beautiful, but it was most fun to spend so many hours sprawled out on the sewing room floor with one of my favorite girls!

(And yes, I created a blog *just* so that I could join in on the fun!!!)